F666 Mini Bluetooth Speaker TWS Portable Fabric Square Dance Outdoor Small Audio FM Mobile Phone Stand


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Product information:

Please note

There are 3 speaker modes:
One is 5W C6,
One is 10W TG117
One is 40W F666

Please check carefully before ordering. Thank you in advance.

External retractable FM antenna, support FM automatic search.
Portable shoulder strap.
Mobile phone support function.
Built-in Bluetooth wireless transmission, mobile phone Bluetooth playback.
Support hands-free calling function.
Supports playback of U disk
MP3 songs, support to play MP3 songs in TF card.
With memory function, you can continue playing.
Support recyclable charging.
Support all audio input from external 3.5mm terminal

Technical Parameters:
Wireless version: 5.0
Transmission distance: 10 meters
Output power: 20W*2
Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dB
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Input current: DC 5V product
Size: 230*95*95mm product
Material: Mesh+Plastic
Standard: speaker + charging data cable + shoulder strap + audio cable
Bluetooth Speaker
Small and portable, natural listening.
The size of a handbag.
You can carry a powerful subwoofer with you.
Small size, big sound.

Operation method:
1. Bluetooth function: Turn on the speaker, it will automatically switch to Bluetooth mode, then turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, find the speaker Bluetooth, and click connect.
2. TWS function: Turn on 2 speakers, and then long press one of the “+” buttons on the speakers. Until they connect with each other.
3. U disk playback: turn on the speaker, insert the U disk that downloads the mp3 format song, and prompt “Play from U disk”, and then automatically play the song, supporting interrupted playback.
4. AUX function: support almost all 3.5mm AUX devices. Use audio cables to connect speakers and devices directly. Turn on the music player.
5. FM function: In any mode, press “M” until it switches to FM mode, and then long press the rightmost triangle key to automatically search for available radio stations. (Note: As long as there are radio stations available near you, and the signal at your location is wide and there are not too many obstructions, it can automatically search for radio stations. If there is no radio station available, it may be because there is no radio station available near you , Or there are too many obstacles or too hidden near you, resulting in poor signal.)
6. In TF card mode, turn on the speaker, insert the TF card that downloads songs in mp3 format, and automatically play the songs, and support breakpoint resuming.
7: Press the “M” key to switch to the mode you want. If you encounter any problems during use, please leave a message for the service and we will reply you within 24 hours. Thanks for your cooperation.
8. Support hands-free call function: when your mobile phone is connected to hands-free call, when there is an incoming call, press the rightmost triangle button to answer the call, press again to hang up the call, and long press to refuse to answer the call.

Additional information

Weight 600.00 kg
Dimensions 250 × 110 × 120 cm

Red, Blue, Camouflage, Black


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