Elderly positioning smart watch


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Material: PC + ABS

Touch screen: Does not support touch
Battery capacity: 450MA
Screen size: 1.22 inch large screen
Appearance size: 46X36X16mm
Applicable people: adults, the elderly, the public
Applicable platform: fully compatible
Body memory: 16M
Camera: No camera
Wearing method: wristband
Wireless distance: 10m and above
Mode of operation: push-button
Communication function: support
Additional features: heart rate monitoring, health monitoring, information push, exercise tracking, mobile positioning
Running memory: 16M
Compatible platforms: ANDROID, iOS
Interface: USB 2.0

Function Description:
1 SOS emergency call
If there is a family number set, long press the power button / SOS button, the watch will dial the family number, if the first number is dialed, if there is an answer, it will not continue to dial the second number, if it is not answered, the second number will be dialed, loop Dial twice, and terminate the call after connecting.

2 Working mode setting
There are three operating modes for positioning the watch. The user sets the working mode through the setting function in the mobile phone APP software.
(1) Quick positioning (1 minute GPS positioning): The device updates the location information at 1 minute intervals, and the fast positioning mode uses a fast power to locate the watch.
(2) Standard positioning (10-minute GPS positioning): The device updates location information at 10-minute intervals.
(3) Power-saving positioning (one-hour GPS positioning): The device updates location information at one-hour intervals, and the power-saving positioning mode locates the watch and consumes slow power.

3 Historical track query
This product will keep track information for 3 months. If the two positioning points are very close, the product will filter the positioning points that are very close in the track.

4 Electronic fence
The user selects the electronic fence function on the mobile APP client and sets a circular electronic fence on the map. If the device leaves the fence, the mobile APP client will display an alarm message. The generation time of the alarm information is related to the set positioning time interval. The smaller the positioning time interval, the more timely the alarm information is generated.

5 Voice monitoring
Select the voice monitoring function in the settings, fill in your mobile phone number, wait a moment after confirming, the device will call you the number you set in, and you can hear the sound around the watch after you answer it. After the white list is set, the numbers in the white list call the device. The device can press the heart rate key to answer and listen to the sound around the watch.

6 Do not disturb mode
Do not disturb mode, mainly to prevent calling the positioning watch, the positioning watch sounds to disturb the person carrying the positioning watch. Four sets of Do Not Disturb time can be set. During the time interval, it is not possible to call the positioning watch.

7 SMS monitoring number and language time zone setting
After setting the SMS monitoring number, the SMS monitoring number can send SMS commands to the device (consult the merchant for specific SMS instructions). The SMS monitoring number can also receive alarm SMS and other notification SMS from the device. Language time zone setting is a function designed for foreign users, domestic users do not need to set.

8 Heart rate timing measurement
To turn on timing measurement, you need to set the timing measurement interval in minutes. After confirming, the watch will regularly measure the heart rate at the set time interval. The user can click the heart rate icon to open the heart rate graph to view the heart rate data. The time-consuming heart rate measurement requires power consumption, which will affect the use time of the watch. The user can choose to turn off the timing measurement to save power.

9 Find a watch
The instruction to find a watch is issued, and the watch will make a sound when the network connection is normal, which is convenient for users to find the watch.

There are many other functions of this positioning watch, which can be easily used by mobile phone APP users.

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Weight 60.0 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 60 cm

Gold, Silver


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